Gynae & Gynae Laproscopic surgery

All types of Gynae surgical procedures Like NDVH / LAVH / TLH (Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy), Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cyst, fibroid ( lap myomectomy) are routinely done.

Hysteroscopy surgery for polyp, septum ,fibroid and infertility are being done here.
Diagnosis and treatment of many common gynecological issues like abnormal pap smears, heavy periods, urinary incontinence and birth control are being taken care here

Other surgical facilities available :

* Urological Procedure :Endoscopic surgery for stone (URS), PCNL , Pyeloplasty , Surgery for prostate(TUR-P) & stricture urethera and bladder stone.
* Neurosurgical procedure like depressed skull fracture,extradural & subdural haematoma.
* Plastic surgery for nose and face.Surgery for cleft lip & palate.
* Breast reduction surgery & liposuction.
* Cancer surgery for breast & soft tissue tumor & intestinal tumor.
* All fracture and Trauma & accident surgery by qualified Orthopedic surgeon.