About us

We are a 30 bedded Multi specialty nursing home for last 20 years in city of Gurgaon, located very near to NH-8, two minutes drive from Rajiv Chowk.

We provide cost Effective IVF (Chain of Indo-German Fertility Center) facility Maternity Services in Gurgaon with personal touch.

Thakral Nursing and Maternity Home is a best place for General, Laparoscopic, & Endoscopic surgeries Be it a routine procedure or an advanced surgery, we are equipped to handle it all with unparallel accuracy and that is why we are the best in gurgaon We have all highly advanced facilities and qualified & trained nursing staff in all wards .

General, Laparoscopic, & Endoscopic surgeries ::

All type of surgical procedures (general, Laparoscopic, & Endoscopic surgeries.) are being done at our hospital. Laparoscopic surgery for appendix, gall bladder, hernia are routinely & successfully being done for last 20 years.

All types of Gynae surgical procedures Like NDVH / LAVH / TLH (Total Laproscopic Hystrectomy), Laproscopic removal of ovarian cyst, fibroid are routinely done. Hysteroscopic surgery for polyp, septum , fibroid and infertility are being done.

We provide best maternity services which includes Normal delivery Pain less (epidural) delivery and Caesarean section. Personal nursing care to all labour patients with one nurse constantly with each patients during labour till delivery. Thakral Nursing and Maternity Home is one of the best in Maternity services in Gurgaon.